Guelph Training Dog Walks

Dog Training and Behaviour Management During Daytime Walks

Is your dog a fierce puller while on-leash? Do they make a commotion when you pass other dogs/cats/squirrels/neighbours/garbage cans during walks? Do you dread being seen out in the neighbourhood with your dog? Our specialized training dog walks mean that your dog can have a break during their day all while receiving careful instruction and management to help them develop healthy and safe leash walking behaviours.

Our training starts from the moment we arrive. Every step of the process is carefully planned by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, beginning as soon as we step through the front door--our focus is reinforcing calm, reducing and managing arousal levels, changing emotional responses to environmental triggers, providing appropriate mental stimulation and training exercises to work their brain during our daytime outings.  

As with any training, consistency is an important factor. For this reason there is a minimum of two walks required per week, and a one-hour training session with the dog and owners is a prerequisite before walks can begin (see training page for details). 


Price does not include HST.

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One Leg Up Canine Company is fully insured and bonded. This business is owned and operated by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

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