Meet the dog walkers

Who Is One Leg Up Canine Company?

One Leg Up Canine Company is Guelph’s locally owned In-Home Dog Training & Dog Walking business

We are committed to:

  • Promoting positive relationships between families and their dogs
  • Being a caring and supportive resource for our clients
  • Offering quality care and compassionate dog training
  • Consistency, reliability, and a professional approach
We use a science-based approach to dog training that is designed to work with the way dogs learn.   In addition to working under the supervision of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, all of our dog walkers have a basic understanding of canine behaviour.   Our dog walkers take the time to cater to each individual dog's needs, providing consistent communication with each dog's family and keeping them informed of our activities and adventures.

Meet our Dog Walkers!

Photo credit: Devon Kelly

Maril and Zoe in Guelph 2016


Marilyn Aston is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and Owner of One Leg Up Canine Company. For more about Marilyn and her credentials please visit ourAbout page.



After completing her undergraduate degree at York University in Environmental Studies, Alex found work as a seasonal field technician, working in parks and along riverside trails. It was here when she was first introduced to dog walking and became immediately drawn to it. As both an animal lover and outdoor enthusiast, Alex decided that dog walking would become her next career move!   Today, Alex loves working with all her pups, and is happy to walk them rain, shine, or blizzard. She hopes to expand her knowledge into animal behavior and someday work as a professional dog trainer.

JJ Dog Walker 2016


J.J. has had a passion for all animals her whole life. She grew up in Florida surrounded by a menagerie of pets ranging from horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and even snakes and lizards.   J.J. is a busy mom, with 3 active, sport-loving children in university, high school and public school. She is also the Musical Director of a local a cappella women’s chorus. JJ's love of animals and the need to be out in nature led her straight to One Leg Up Canine Company.   One day, J.J. would love to delve into dog training and to explore the world of agility with her own dog, Oliver.

Hannah Dog Walker 2016


Hannah is a long-term student at the University of Guelph. She has completed an undergraduate degree in Animal Biology, a master's degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and is currently completing a PhD looking into fear and aggression in dogs. Hannah loves working with all animals, but has a special place in her heart for dogs. She has volunteered as a foster home for several rescue dogs in the past, and currently owns her own rescue, a 3 year old Shepherd mix named Ripley.Hannah greatly enjoys walking her new furry friends, and is hoping thatthe experiences she gains here will help her in her future career as an animal behaviourist.

Yan Dog Walker 2016


Traveling and working in different places around the globe has enabled Yan to appreciate the beauty and variety of the world we live in. As a long time animal lover who has now moved to her third country of dwelling, Canada, she is really excited to be part of One Leg Up here in the charming town of Guelph, where she could devote her time to what she is passionate about and work with all the adorable pups.   Yan is working towards becoming a certified professional dog trainer, and in her spare time she enjoys watching her one-year-old Labrador Retriever, Winter, frolicking about in parks and having fun swimming in the rivers.

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