Milton Dog Training Classes

The perfect program to get a perfect family dog

You can start our classes ANY TIME to begin training your dog new behaviours and prevent unwanted behaviours from arising.

Learning Outcomes

  • Polite Walking: is your dog pulling on leash? Not for long!
  • Sacred Recall: your dog actually will come to you when you call him.
  • Settle On A Mat: an excellent behaviour for self-control and when visitors arrive.
  • Targeting: the basis for training focus/obedience/tricks.
  • Leave It: leave food/objects, a great way to teach self-control.
  • Play Tug
  • Sit & Down
  • Automatic focus on handler.
  • Respond to name anywhere, anytime.
  • Preventing behaviour problems.

Who is this program for?

If you want your dog to be a well-behaved family member, who you can be proud of in public, has self-control, comes when called and who enjoys being with you, this is the program for you.

If you are planning to do any dog sport with your dog -obedience, rally, agility, flyball etc- this is the program for you. You will learn the essential foundation skills that are the building blocks for good performance: only with good training skills can you train your dog for success.

The dogs have to be minimum 4 months of age and healthy.

Dogs must not exhibit fearful, reactive or aggressive behaviours toward dogs or people. In uncertain cases we will first do a private assessment.

For extra convenience and flexibility, you can start the classes ANY WEEK:

  • With our classes you can start any week (depending on registration levels), no need to wait for weeks for the next course to start.
  • Register online (below) and you will receive a link to our online orientation webinar.
  • Complete the orientation and choose a class time that suits your schedule. 
  • Our class size is small (max 3-4 dogs), which ensures a lot of INDIVIDUALIZED ATTENTION.
  • If you miss one class, we will schedule a makeup class at the end of your program.


Take a look at our calendar for the days and times that these classes run. These classes take place at BauHound Haus, located at 276 Main Street East in Milton.

Pricing and Registration

Six-session program: $255 + HST

Our Puppy Class graduates receive a 10% discount when registering for Adult Dog Life Skills within 3 months of their graduation.

How to get Started

  1. Read our Training Philosophy and Group Class Policies 
  2. Complete your REGISTRATION FORM. You will be notified once your registration has been accepted.

Discover the difference in your dog, get started today!