• We had the wonderful opportunity of working with Marilyn this summer. We brought home our puppy, Emmy on June 30th. Under Marilyn's guidance we enrolled Emmy in the puppy program. Emmy has gone from a feisty, energetic, unruly Cockapoo to a fun loving, sweet, calm, behaved valuable member of our family. Marilyn taught Emmy how to learn using various tools and taught us how to interact with Emmy on her level. Marilyn is truly a godsend! Not sure where we would be without her support and reassurance. Our many emails to her containing frustrations & questions of Emmy's behaviour did not go unanswered. She patiently responded very swiftly with instructions and advice to get us through until we met up again. We would highly recommend Marilyn to anyone. Emmy misses her already, as do we! Thanks again Marilyn, for everything!
    Lisa, Rich, & “Emmy” Lovelace
  • I wanted to write a referral for the amazing training Marilyn has given to me and my pup Norman. She has been incredibly patient with my little ball of energy. She has taught us skills I didn't know existed and corrected problems I would have never been able to do on my own. The in-home training has let Norman learn skills in the environment he lives in everyday. Thank you Marilyn, you are awesome!
    Brittney, Tyler & “Norman” Hoover
  • The training is great! Oakley is starting to become a great dog everyday. Her walking is getting better and she's almost stopped biting and jumping up completely! Thanks for everything!
    Angela, Scott & “Oakley”
  • My husband and I absolutely loved working with Marilyn. She has a wealth of knowledge, patience and great listening skills that made dog training enjoyable! Our excited rambunctious puppy calmed down within just a few weeks. It's been a process as any puppy is but Marilyn gave us lots of information that we had forgotten or not even known about when we had trained our first dog. We highly recommend Marilyn!
    Franca Seah & “Emma”
  • We have been happy customers of Marilyn & the One Leg Up team for over a year. Prior to Marilyn we went through a couple different dog walkers before finding one that we not only trusted with our two dogs but who we felt loved & treated our dogs as if they were their own dogs. When this dog walker retired, she introduced us to Marilyn and we initially wondered if we could come to expect the same level of service & comfort. By the end of the first week any hesitation on our part was gone. Marilyn came to our house to meet with our dogs and took her time getting to know them. She took a lot of care to pair her team of walkers with our dogs and communication between everyone has been perfect. There has never been a miscommunication on walks and she has been more than flexible with our schedule as they changed over time. Marilyn has given us tips on training and even suggested a place to get better harnesses (which are great btw!). Knowing our dogs won't get to meet the kind people on Marilyn's team every day is very sad and we hope to one day be clients again!
    Reva Pellerin, “Bear”& “Kobe”
  • We loved Marilyn and her skill and talent with our Goldendoodle puppy Macy. Marilyn is amazing at what she does. She makes it look effortless and the puppies really respond to Marilyn. She is so calm. Macy really learned quickly the basic skills. We have never had a dog or a puppy before so we wanted to get our little one trained early and I strongly recommend Marilyn of Aston Animal Care. We started a week after bringing Macy home and she learned very quickly the commands and even how to walk and stay with you when walking her on a lead. Also love the fact that Marilyn is very flexible and will come to your home which is awesome as this is where things happen. Thank you again Marilyn and we will definitely be phoning you if we need your help.
    Jane, Rob & “Macy” Cunnington
  • As a sales performance coach I deliver workshops, seminars and coaching to high performing sales people and teams. One of the main topics I talk about is how to add value. In the competitive marketplace there will always be someone who can do “ it” (whatever that service is) cheaper, and the only way you can really differentiate yourself is to add value. Marilyn has done that for me in spades, and as a result she has created loyalty in me as a client and it means I will go out of my way to refer her to others.Marilyn understands how important our dog Charlie is to us (that is her business but more importantly it’s her personal passion and it drives everything she does) and because Marilyn understands that, she went out of her way to quickly solve the concerns regarding our dog when I was out of the country on business. Charlie is just as important to me as my daughter, and there is absolutely nothing worse than to be so far from home when something goes wrong. I felt so helpless and guilty. For Marilyn to be so proactive, genuinely concerned and to provide me with the assurance that Charlie would be taken care of was beyond what I could have ever expected from a dog walking service. I really can’t express my gratitude enough to her and her walker, Anne. It’s wonderful that Marilyn has a team of people who have the same level of commitment and passion for what they do. We are thankful for the tremendous efforts that Marilyn made to add value—to go above and beyond.
    Catherine & “Charlie” Kerr
  • Marilyn is professional, kind, knowledgeable and helpful. We rely on her to walk our dog regularly, and we are always impressed by her prompt replies, reliable service, easy on-line billing, and sense of humour! She has also been very helpful in giving us recall strategies and other training tips that have been very effective. Marilyn is very approachable. An excellent resource for both dog-walking and dog training!
    Wendy & “Fergus” Eastman
  • Being first time dog owners, Marilyn saved our lives :) She trained me on how to train the dog and made me feel so much more confident about being a dog owner. She is extremely patient and loving. Very knowledgeable about anything I asked her and is very accommodating. "Buddy" was so happy to see her every time she appeared at our door, and its not only because she is the "treat lady"...lol...but because she loves your dog as if it were her own. Having the training in house allows for you to work at your own pace and to train your puppy in its own home where it will be spending most of its time! Marilyn never rushed us and always revisited anything we felt unsure about. She made herself available to me through email at all times and overall we have had an amazing experience. well worth the fee and time and I would not have changed a thing! Thanks Marilyn your great at what you do :)
    Maria Traetto & “Buddy”
  • Our dog, Ameera, is a Shih Tzu/Retriever cross who loves life more than life itself. However, in saying that anyone who has owned a Shih Tzu knows that they can have their little quirks and become a little obsessive and fixated on things. For us newcomers this can be both frustrating and overwhelming. We seem to get over one obstacle and another surfaces. The latest issue—being traumatized with other dogs. It started out being big black dogs and escalated to any dog at random. With the expertise of Marilyn’s training, her kind, compassionate, and loving team from One Leg Up Canine Co., we are conquering yet another hurdle. Through all my trials and tribulations, I have Marilyn and the One Leg Up team to thank. The team has supplied me with answers to my abundant questions and concerns, encouraged me when needed and shared their knowledge and tips when necessary. Marilyn is always willing to bring me in on all the different techniques used and explain (in laymen terms) why they are being used in each approach. Ameera, looks forward to her walks and training sessions with One Leg Up. So much so, that when I have conversations with others about the company or regarding her progress etc., I have to spell their names or she runs to the door and waits for them to come, giving the occasional sigh when it is taking too long. I would recommend One Leg Up Canine Co., to anyone that needs assistance in any size, shape or form. They are a team that gives 110%, in the most personable, respectable and positive manner. It is obvious that they all care and love our pets as much as their owners do. I am thankful for all their support and hats off to them for all their hard work and dedication. From the bottom of my heart, Judy Anderson
    Judy & “Ameera” Anderson

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