Dog Daycare School

An Educational Daycare Program for Social Dogs 

Socializing at daycare can be a fantastic way for your dog to spend their weekdays. Our unique activity-based dog daycare program centres around balancing each dogs' psychological and physical well-being. What does that mean? Dog owners put significant effort into raising their dogs to have a balance of playful energy and polite manners. Our Dog Daycare School is the perfect arrangement to complement and build on that balance. With hours of free indoor and outdoor playtime mixed in with interactive games and learning activities, our program creates a space where dogs can learn and play all day!

Our focus:

  • To foster healthy relationships between dogs and humans
  • Reinforce and encourage good manners
  • Provide an activity-based daycare program designed to expel energy and enrich minds
  • Physical activity as a balance of free play, fresh air yard time, basic training exercises, and quiet rest spaces.
  • Carefully selected play groups to best fit the personality of each dog 

This enriching program is designed and overseen by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer experienced in dog group dynamics. Each day the dogs will have a schedule specifically outlined for their individual group, including healthy socialization, free play, fun games, conditioning exercises, structured activities, basic cue training**, and quiet rest periods so that dogs don't just leave our care physically tired, but also mentally and emotionally satisfied.

Some of our regular activities include:

  • Handling and voluntary grooming
  • Physical conditioning exercises
  • Impulse control games
  • Off-switch exercises
  • Fun tricks
  • Brain games
  • Body-awareness with use of equipment
  • Outdoor yard play

Our suitability assessment is a critical step in setting each and every dog up for a maximum amount of fun during their day. These assessments are completed prior to a dog being accepted into our Daycare School program and are repeated on a quarterly basis for each dog. Quarterly re-evaluations ensure that everyone is continuing to thrive as best possible while in our care.

With one human for every six dogs, our facilitys dog-to-human ratio surpasses industry standard. 

Tours of our Guelph facility are welcomed and encouraged! Our dog groups always have our undivided attention, so we do ask you to notify us in advance if you are planning to visit. We will ensure there is an extra staff member available to show you around and answer any questions.

Each day – $35
Package of 10 or more – $32 a day
Second dog from the same household – Save $10 per visit

Prices are not including HST. Packages are available to clients who have passed the assessment phase.  Purchased packages must be used within 3 months. 

Dogs must:

  • Be pro-social with humans and dogs. This includes an ability to read other dogs signals and disengage from interactions independently.
  • Be free of separation anxiety (some exceptions apply)
  • Have no history of resource guarding toys, food, space, or people
  • Have a signed letter from their veterinarian stating the dog is in good health and up to date on necessary vaccinations
  • Be responsive to cues
  • Be spayed or neutered (some exceptions, please inquire for details)
  • Pass a suitability evaluation

How to get started:

  1. Complete the application HERE. You will be notified once your application has been accepted.
  2. Read over the Policy and Information details
  3. Set up a time for your dog to participate in the Suitability Assessment (information will be provided upon receipt of your application)
  4. Schedule and reserve your preferred start dates. Advance reservations are required for each daycare dog.

Discover the difference in your dog, get started today!