My puppy is 6 months old, which program is right for her?

Even if your puppy is in later stages of their development the Puppy Training Program is a good way to move through their remaining development months on the right foot.

Should my dog and I choose private in-home training or training classes?

Private training is a great place to address specific behaviour concerns, particularly for dogs who have difficulty functioning around other dogs, people, or in new environments. For dogs who are needing more general training, group classes are an opportunity to build some key foundation behaviours and manners helpful for daily life.

I want my dog to socialize with other dogs, what is the best service for that?

If your dog is social and savvy in the ways of dog-dog interactions then either our activity-based daycare program or daytime adventure hikes could be an excellent option. If your dog maybe has more awkward-tendencies when engaging with other dogs (or even some types of dogs) then Private Training and/or Almost Social sessions are often a good place to start so your dog can successfully expand their healthy social skills. Unsure where your dog would most thrive? Contact us and we can help find the best option!

My family schedule is pretty chaotic and we cannot commit to regular puppy classes, can we still get training for our puppy?

Yes! Our in-home Puppy Traning Program is geared towards busy households who have limited scheduling freedom for structured group classes. The in-home program allows for more flexible scheduling.

What age should my puppy start training?

Your puppy is constantly learning from the world around them, regardless of if you are directly training with them. The sooner you begin training the least likely they will be to develop a routine of bad habits. Private in-home Puppy Training Program can begin right away, or puppy classes are available for any puppies between 8 and 16 who have been home for a minimu of 7 days.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Your dog is required to be up to date on any vaccinations deemed neccesary by their own veterinarian. You will be required to provide a signed document from your veterinarian confirming your dogs is healthy and up to date on preventitive vaccinations.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we only accept electronic e-transfers, cash, or cheque for our services. Should you require payment via credit card that could be arranged for a small fee.

What is your refund policy?

As a small business, efficient scheduling is one of the ways we can ensure top quality care for each client. In order to maintain this efficiency, clients are required to contact us by 12pm on the day prior to your scheduled service to notify of any changes or cancellations. No-shows or cancellations received after 12pm the day prior will not be refunded, and is considered a used session. Please note that purchased packages are sold at a reduced rate and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can I tour the facility?

Absolutely. Tours and visits to the facilty are welcomed and encouraged. For the security of the dogs, all of our doors are locked during daycare and class times. If you plan to come by we ask that you reach out to confirm the time you will be by so we can ensure an extra human is available to let you in and show you around.

I have more questions! How can I get them answered?

Excellent! Just give us a call or email and we will be happy to answer whatever we can for you.

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