Milton Private Puppy Training Programs

A puppy training program specifically for dogs under 16 weeks of age. 

The age up to 16 weeks is a very important socialization period for a puppy. During this time they should be safely introduced to the variety of people, places, and experiences that you may want them to cope with during their adult life. Getting used to handling, meeting different people and other dogs, travelling in a bus and a car, walking along the street, and relaxing in the home are just a few things that most of us want our dogs to be able to handle with confidence. In addition, introducing your puppy to key behaviours that are considered to be good manners will help them to become strongly imprinted on their memory at this early age. For a dog it makes no difference whether they jump up on people or sit down to greet them, whether to chase a cyclist or to come to us when we call. It is up to us to decide which behaviours we help our puppies to be successful with during these early stages of life.

The in-home basic puppy package consists of three sessions, where we cover the following topics (also others on request):

  • Potty training
  • How to socialize your puppy (we do recommend registering for puppy socialization classes as well!)
  • How to tackle puppy chewing and nipping
  • Handling
  • Focus: offer eye contact when I say your name
  • Loose leash walking
  • Targeting and reliable recall
  • Settle on your mat/in your crate
  • Leave it/Take it: leave food/toy until given permission to take it
  • Play tug


Initial assessment for new students $125 + HST (1 hour) 
Individual follow-up sessions $110 + HST (1 hour) 
Package of three (3) sessions (1 hour each): $300 + HST
Note: Additional travel expenses may apply!

Please read our Training Philosophy and Private Training Policies and Service Agreement before registering. 

Complete the REGISTRATION FORM to get started right away. After we have received your form we will be in touch to schedule your first session.

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