National Black Dog Day

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National Black Dog Day

This October 1st, Help to Spread Awareness!

What is "Black Dog Syndrome"? 

Black shelter dogs, regardless of their breed or size, are the last to be adopted and are continually overlooked by prospective families for other lighter-coloured or multi-coloured dogs. Because of this, dogs who suffer from "Black Dog Syndrome" are often euthanized at higher rates than other shelter dogs.

Why does it exist?

Whether it be that they appear too ordinary, more intimidating, that their darker faces make expressions harder to recognize (and thus less friendly to prospective families), or that it's more challenging to display a black dogs' personality in adoption photographs, "Black Dog Syndrome" is a very real issue that shelters and rescue organizations are constantly battling.   Today, we hope to help bring awareness to this phenomenon, and to encourage those considering adoption to please think a little extra hard about adopting a black dog! IMG_6918

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