Guelph Private Puppy Training Programs

A flexible program for puppy training 

This Private Puppy Training Program is designed to be flexible to your individual needs and schedule. We believe that raising a puppy is a family affair, and family members of all ages are encouraged to participate. This program is for dogs aged six months or younger only. If your dog is over the age of six months, please take a look at our adult dog training options

Basic Commands

Including come when called (recall), stay, release/leave objects or food, name recognition, and useful tricks.

Potty Training

Training your puppy when and where to go to the bathroom can be easily accomplished when approached early on, and by using the right methods for your individual dog. Your puppy will be shown where, when, and how to ask for bathroom breaks, as well as how to make it through the night or workday.

Chewing, Biting & Teething

Chewing is a necessary and extremely important exercise which your puppy can benefit from all throughout their adult life. If this habit is properly fostered through the early months, your puppy will be more likely to develop into a habitual recreational chewer who's long-term oral and overall well-being will benefit. We will discuss inappropriate chewing habits (furniture, fingers, carpets, etc.) and how to prevent them. As well, your puppy will be shown healthy inhibition when it comes to using their mouth.

Mat, Bed, Kennel, or Crate Training

There are numerous benefits to providing your puppy with a space of their own early on. Showing your puppy which areas of the house are their safety zones and how we can respect those spaces can help establish a daily routine and limit anxious behaviours later in life.

Grooming & General Care

Having a dog who is comfortable with nail trims, ear cleaning, and dental exams will save money, time and much stress during veterinary exams and grooming sessions. Your puppy will be shown how to trust these experiences and even enjoy them!

Healthy Socialization

These early weeks are some of the most crucial when it comes to socializing and creating positive associations with new experiences. Together we will develop a healthy socialization plan which works for you and your puppy.

Leash Walking

The best adventures we have with our dogs often take place outside of the home. A dog who walks pleasantly on-leash without pulling or lunging can make the difference between an enjoyable walk and an exhausting experience. Also included with learning loose-leash walking is polite greetings with people and other dogs.

Boundaries in the Home

It can be wonderful watching a curious and clever puppy as they explore their environment. As a puppy builds trust and confidence in their surroundings, innocent inquisitive acts can quickly develop into bad habits (such as jumping up on tables or counter-surfing). By identifying potential bad habits before they develop, and being prepared to handle new and changing behaviours, your puppy will quickly learn which actions are acceptable in the home and which are not.

Bonding with Family Members

The bond between a dog and their family begins to develop from their very first day home. One of the most important things to consider when raising a well balanced and sound dog includes a healthy bond and clear communication. There are various techniques and exercises which, especially when introduced early on, will strengthen the relationship and trust between family and dog.

Interactions with Household Pets

Introducing a puppy to a household which may already have other pets can be challenging and varies greatly depending on the personalities of the animals involved. A proper introduction process could help your new furry family establish a firm foundation for their relationship to grow on.  

Weekend, daytime & evening appointments available. Dogs and puppies of all ages are welcome.  Each initial visit includes a qualified assessment of your dog's behaviour and history, hands-on instruction, and a personalized training plan. 

One Leg Up Canine Company is fully insured, bonded, and certified


These are discounted rates for dogs aged six months and younger. 

Package of three sessions

$345 per package

   REGISTER: 3 Package


Package of five sessions

$550 per package

   REGISTER: 5 Package


Prices are not including HST. Purchased sessions and packages must be used within 3 months. Rates differ for training located in your home or neighbourhood.

In order to maintain a high standard of care for each client, I will work with only a limited number of private clients at any given time. During periods of high demand there may be a delay before the next available space opens up. 

How to Get Started:

1. Read our Policies and Training Philosophy

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3. Make a trainer selection based on your availability.

4. Follow the prompts to complete your bookings and details.

5. Wait for your invoice to arrive within 1-2 business days, and complete payment to hold your reservation.

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