Dog Daycare

2700 sq ft indoor and outdoor space dedicated to Guelph’s canine community! Just 5 minutes from downtown. Full day Daycare and weekly Puppy Socials available. Where dogs come to learn and play!

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Dog Training

Group dog training classes as well as one-on-one private training sessions. Small class sizes, puppy socialization programs, and adult life skills training. Fun extracurricular programs!

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One Leg Up Canine Company strives to promote positive relationships between families and their dogs

Puppy Training Group Classes

A specialized group training program for puppies under the age of 16 weeks. A place to socialize and train your puppy in a safe and controlled environment.

Adolescent & Adult Dog Classes

Life Skills training to help your dog learn to become a more responsive and well-behaved member of your family. Also fun extracurricular programs for next-level enrichment!

Dog Daycare School

An educational daycare program for social dogs! Our unique activity-based daycare program uses free play, games, and fun training exercises to balance each dogs' psychological and physical needs throughout the day.

Private Training Sessions

Private training sessions are an individualized approach to behaviour modification. These one-on-one consultations can allow for scheduling flexibility and individualized attention for addressing your specific concerns.

Rally Obedience

What Our Clients Say

  • This is something I'd recommend to everyone with a dog, learning how to work with your dog and their personalities, emotions and reactions is invaluable. This is our fourth dog over nearly 20 years and we are still learning with Marilyn. Thanks for all the help!
    Dawn, Andrew & "Mossy"

  • Wonderful puppy school and daycare. Marilyn is very sweet with the puppies and is exceptionally skilled and knowledgable about training. She has a knack for helping you figure out what your puppy is feeling and thinking and how to shape their behaviour without frustrating or discouraging them. The classes flow nicely so that you get lots of helpful information but the puppies also have a good time. Would definitely recommend!
    Julie & "Rosie"

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