Online Dog Training Programs Available!

Posted Mar 27th, 2020 in Dog Training, Guelph Business, Puppy Training

Online Dog Training Programs Available!

Join a class, from the comfort of your home!

You can begin your at-home Life Skills or Puppy Socialization Program right away! Video conference classes allow us to easily provide clients with all the same lessons as regular group training programs. You will have the opportunity to watch live demos and hear explanations for each exercise, we will be able to observe your dog practicing while also providing real-time feedback for you while you work through the skills. 

Virtual class clients also receive links to the exercises to further assist their homework goals, class outlines for each week, and access to ask your trainer questions as you go.

For young dogs under the age of 16 weeks: Though virtual classes do not give us the opportunity to provide the structured dog socialization and playtime of an in-person program, there are still important activities that we should be doing at home to help puppies develop into socially resilient dogs. All puppy class students receive specific coaching and a workbook to support them in this process. 

If you are hoping to get started with your dog's Life Skills or Puppy Socialization Program without delay, CONTACT US and we'll get you started!

Discover the difference in your dog, get started today!