A range of training & socialization programs, just for puppies!

Puppy Training & Socialization Combo Classes

This program is for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks of age.


A place to socialize and train your puppy in a safe and controlled environment. 

In addition to training a foundation of behaviours that your puppy will rely on throughout their life, this program also focuses on fostering a strong bond between you and your dog. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Healthy socialization with sounds, objects, people, & other dogs  
  • Managing and preventing puppy chewing and nipping
  • Reliably responding to commands
  • Polite leash walking
  • Nose targeting and recall (coming when called)
  • Mat/crate training, and building settle skills
  • Healthy play habits
  • Leave-it, Drop-it & building impulse control 
  • Dog body language and understanding how dogs communicate
  • Comfort around grooming and handling
  • Polite greetings with people and dogs
  • Enrichment activities for your individual puppy
  • Prevention of problem behaviours
Pricing and Registration:

Six-session program: $355 + HST - Enrolment includes:

  • One hour of group session each week, for six consecutive weeks. Each session incorporates structured puppy social time.
  • Our full Puppy Manual document, which includes a detailed breakdown of how to raise, train, and enrich your puppy's life. 
  • Our online webinar which gives you an understanding of how dogs learn, and how to find success with your training
  • Graduation awards
  • A $10 discount on our weekly Puppy Social events
  • A discount on your next level of training classes & private training sessions for two months after graduation

Puppy Socials: Drop-off puppy playtime!

This program is for puppies between 9 and 18 weeks of age.


Puppy Daycare Socials are a carefully curated socialization experience overseen by a certified professional dog trainer. 

This is a safe space where young puppies come to build confidence and learn healthy social skills alongside other puppy pals. Puppies are shown how to make good choices during play, including learning how to initiate play, how to respond to canine social cues, how to share toys, and how to rest. 

Each of our Puppy Socials are catered to the needs of dogs during their early stages of development.

Who is this for:

This program is for all puppies between the age of 9-18 weeks, who have been in their home for a minimum of one week, and who are on track with their puppy vaccination schedule. These are puppy-only events (no owners). For owners looking to learn more about play skills please take a look at our Puppy Training & Socialization Combo Program

  • Puppies must have been home for a minimum of one week before joining
  • Puppies must have had their first set of vaccinations (two sets if over the age of 12 weeks, three sets if over the age of 16 weeks). Proof of vaccination must be provided in advance of the first visit. Only vaccination schedules approved by your local veterinarian will be accepted. We can not accept vaccination certificates from outside the country where they have not also been seen by a local veterinarian.

Pricing and Registration:

$40 plus HST per visit, or $30 plus HST for students registered into our Puppy Training & Socialization Combo Program.


Sessions run weekly! 

Spaces are limited and registration is required. To encourage a calm and successful experience, puppies must attend for the full 80-90 minutes. 


Private Puppy Training Lessons

This program is for puppies between 2 to 6 months of age.

This Private Puppy Training Program is designed to be flexible to your individual needs and schedule. We believe that raising a puppy is a family affair, and family members of all ages are encouraged to participate.

The flexibility of private training sessions means they can be scheduled at a pace that works for you and your puppy.

Learning outcomes can be adjusted to fit the needs of your puppy's individual needs, and may include:

  • Basic Commands
  • Potty Training
  • Chewing, Biting & Teething
  • Mat, Bed, Kennel, or Crate Training
  • Grooming & General Care
  • Healthy Socialization
  • Leash Walking
  • Boundaries in the Home
  • Bonding with Family Members
  • Interactions with Household Pets 

Pricing and Registration:

Three one-hour private training sessions: $345 + HST 

Five one-hour private training sessions: $550 + HST

Purchased packages must be used within 90 days. 

In order to maintain a high standard of care for each client, I will work with only a limited number of private clients at any given time. During periods of high demand there may be a delay before the next available space opens up. 

Single Session

$125 per hour



Package of three sessions

$360 per package



Package of five sessions

$575 per package



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